About XC Wedding Studio

XC Wedding Studio is a collective of Photographers, Xavier and Cedric, that met over french concert photoshoot in Singapore. They are both passionate french photographers that look for the right moment to capture!

Cedric is now based in France, and Xavier based in Singapore, and they are always ready to jump into flight to photoshoot for your special moment!

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Photographer, Videographer & Visual Art Content Creator.
Born in France, based in Singapore & available for hire globally.
Xavier has 15+ years of visual art & photography experience under his belt. Having started out as a self-taught photographer armed with passion, a diploma in IT & endless curiosity, Xavier started his photography career as a travel photographer.


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French photographer in his 40s.
Based in north of France since 2019, after a 5 years experience in Singapore
Capturing life, emotions, unique moments is what I like since I was young.
Open your eyes ans see how people and world are so wonderful!