Sophie & Jarrik @ Kult Kafe, Singapore

What an exciting wedding day to cover! It all started with the “gate crash”. A local tradition that requires the groom to prove his love to his fiancée by sending his best man to a set of obstacles and challenges engineered by the bridesmaids. These challenges can take the shape of chili tasting contest, song writing, games all rhythmed by the collection of ang pao (red packet with money) prepared by the groom to bribe or pay his passage through the gate guarded by the bridesmaids. Once the best men have suffered enough and proven total devotion of their groom, the groom is authorized to pass the gate and finally meet his promised fiancée and finally marry her.


Sophie and Jarrick are a cheerful couple who said YES to each other dressed up in traditional wedding suits, on a hill in Singapore. It was a great day shared with loved ones and as intense as fun day for their photographer Xavier.


Xavier spends time understanding the people he works with. He enjoys capturing emotion and vivid portraits. Browsing through the wedding picture that he shot brings the moment back. His patience and discretion are something that every couple will appreciate during this busy day. He is passionate of capturing life through photography.


Xavier is a talented photographer. He will transport you back to your big day through the photos he shot with passion, sensitivity and commitment
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